Examples Of Choice In Dead Poets Society

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“You are free to chose but you are not free from the consequences of your choice”. Choices result in certain consequences which we may not foresee. However, I fully agree with the quote since I have made a lot of choices throughout my life which define who I am today. In the perspective of Neil Perry in the story of Dead Poets Society, choice is an option often deprived by parents, inspiration to find one’s self and whether to live without a passion or to die with the passion.

Choice is an opportunity often deprived by parents. Neil’s parents gave him a bright future as they sacrificed immensely for him to be in the top school which was Welton Academy.In addition, Mr Perry even gave extra attention to Neil’s activity in the school.Neil’s naivety caused him to see this matter in a different perspective; his father’s approach made him feel that he had no liberty . Neil’s willingness to pursue medicine was only to agree with Mr. Perry’s authority in Neil’s life although Neil had a strong desire to pursue in acting. Mr Perry repudiated Neil to be involved in the production of the school -as Mr. Perry wanted Neil to pivot his mind on academic matters. When Mr Perry perceived that Neil participated in acting, he callously told Neil to stop. Since Neil had an uncompromising father who assumed his choices were made for the best of his child, Neil had no other choice but to abide. Neil was not given the opportunity to choose between acting, joining the school annual
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