Chuck E Cheese Observation

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Across the Lifespan: School-aged Paper The location of the observation took place at Chuck E. Cheeses, located in Gaithersburg, Maryland. The 5-year-old girl was naturally observed in the evening for 30 minutes. Her occupation being observed was leisure, which is defined as, “Non-obligatory activity that is intrinsically motivated and engaged in during discretionary time, that is, time is not committed to obligatory occupations such as work, self-care, or sleep” (Parham & Fazio, 2008, p. 252). The category under occupation that represents leisure would be leisure exploration, since the girl was Exploring and learning what may or may not interest her. Physical and Social Environment The physical environment the little girl was in consisted of multiple play areas that…show more content…
Her outfit consisted of white stockings paired with black dress shoes. The little girl had long straight black hair that was tucked away neatly in a pony-tail. She appeared to be of Hispanic descent, she was also with her friend and family members who spoke Spanish. The little girl is being observed in the evening in a natural environment. Motor and Praxis Skills During the time of observation, the Chuck E. Cheese mascot came out from the staff only room as the song, the cupid shuffle, started to play in the background. The little girl watched the Chuck E. Cheese mascot when he started to dance. Other children including the little girl, tried to copy how the Chuck E. Cheese mascot was dancing. The little girl started to dance like the Chuck E. Cheese mascot. She kicked out her feet and flailed around her arms while moving from side to side. When the mascot got close to the little girl, she proceeded to move out of the mascot’s way. The dancing continued for some time until the duration of the song was over. Sensory and Perceptual

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