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What is Circle Justice Circle of justice is a Native American form of justice. That is when people gather around in a circle and ask for forgiveness, trust, and healing. Forgiveness is when Cole Matthews asked for forgiveness for himself because he has all this anger built up inside of him and he gets it out on people who don’t deserve it. Trust because Cole has changed and he wants to be trusted. Healing because Cole hurt a lot of people and he wants to heal his anger. In the circle of justice Cole Matthews wants to ask for forgiveness. That is because had so much anger in him he just needed to let it out of him. He let it out of him but with beating up people, such as Peter Driscal. Peter has head trauma, speech problems, and nightmares because of Cole 's actions. Cole shoved Peter on the ground and beat him up so bad on his school sidewalk. He had a choice of being sent to juvenile prison or the circle of justice. Of course he chose the circle of justice because who would want to go to prison. Then Garvey and Edwin took him to an island in Alaska. Cole also asked for trust. He wanted to get trust …show more content…

Edwin and Garvey come and to insist that Cole goes back to the island for another chance. Edwin is teaching him some things that will fix his healing. The things he does every morning is go bare into the ice water pond, carry the heavy rock called the ancestor rock up the hill and roll it back down the hill and finally he has to at night if he sees an animal he has to do a dance of that animal for example the wolf dance. He is keeps himself busy by carving a totem pole and doing school work through the winter. Since Cole is much better with his healing he see’s Edwin and Edwin tells him that Peter Driscal isn’t doing so good. Cole asked Edwin if Peter could come to the island. He did but with his parents and Garvey because his parents want Garvey to stay with him on the

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