Examples Of Civil Disobedience In Antigone

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“‘You come against me with hatred, repression, and violence. I come against you in the name of god’” as Bree Newsome illegally removed the confederate flag from the capital of South Carolina. The confederate flag symbolized racial segregation and Newsome was a colored woman who did not appreciate that the flag supported this. She then acted on what she desired was going to lead to equality among the diverse citizens of America. Correspondingly, Sophocles’ play Antigone demonstrates civil disobedience through the actions of one of the main character, Antigone. Antigone buries her brother Polyneices, which is against one of the law in Thebes. The law was just recently declared by Creon after the death of Antigone’s brother. Bree Newsome’s actions…show more content…
Actions of Bree Newsome and Antigone were established in their beliefs and for their sakes, but regulations were violated. Therefore, there must be consequences. For instance, Antigone is brought to Creon by Sentry, the messenger. Sentry tells Creon the story of why Antigone is brought to him and then Creon questions Antigone of her crime. She responds with no doubt “‘I do. I deny nothing’” (Sophocles ii.53). She confirms she is guilty of burying Polyneices with no procrastination. Of course, since the law is broken Creon must punish her. He punishes her by placing her in a cavern while she is still alive. Similarly, when Newsome returned from the top of the flagpole to the ground, she was “promptly arrested afterward, but her smile--and the social media response to her proactivity--reflects victory” (Hasan). The moment she was getting handcuffed, she put a smile on her face representing euphoria and manifested success. That smile of hers represented no regret and the joy of seeing the flag down. Not long after her arresting took place, social media was blasted with Newsome. Millions of status and hashtags such as #freeBree. Also, various drawings depicted her as a superhero with the confederate flag in her hand and a bright, wide smile on her face. Altogether, Antigone and Bree Newsome are relatable among the manner they acknowledged their
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