Examples Of Classism In The Movie Crash

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Many things happen in every day life that people have become so accustomed to that they just assume they are “the norm.” Some of the things said are racist comments and are taken with a grain of salt, some are joked about, and some are embraced, but some are just disrespectful. The movie Crash shows a great number of daily occurrences with racism and classism in everyday life. The movie breaks down the character’s normal lives to show the audience how easily offensive people’s days can be. Whether it is making a comment to a friend or belittling someone for their job qualifications or for their background, many different types of racism happen and can originate from many different areas or personal reasons. Crash shows that racism and classism occur most often when someone is faced with a…show more content…
From rich to poor, white to black, and Hispanic to Arab, all the characters in Crash face challenges every day but, in actuality, they all just want to protect what matters the most to them. When it feels like the most important thing is being taken away and nothing can be done, it is better to feel something even if it is hurt, anger, or pain. These feelings are signs of life and give feeling and purpose in a completely numb body. They also show how even when someone has done wrong in the past it has no effect on what decision they make when a problem sits right in their lap. The decisions that individuals make in the heat of the moment make them who they truly are. The movie Crash has many different forms of racism and classism from just talking with friends to making an assumption of someone based on looks or appearance, and also using power and authority for protection or personal gain. But, Crash reminds people that it is ultimately how individuals react when put in these situations that will affect the outcome of the life they
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