Examples Of Climate Change Speech

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Climate change speech If 97% of dentists said you had to have a tooth removed, wouldn’t you remove it? If 97% of engineers said a plain wasn’t safe to fly, would you board? If 97% of doctors said your loved one needed a surgery, would you overlook their advice? Then why when 97% of scientists claim that climate change is real, it's caused by mankind and it's happening as we speak, why do you treat it differently? According to national geographic, we are currently undergoing the sixth mass extinction on this planet. With the last one being over 65 million years ago, when the dinosaurs vanished. Habitats are being destroyed in an alarming rate, glaciers are melting, sea levels are rising, worlds temperatures are increasing, diversity in species…show more content…
Mainly "carbon dioxide, methane and water vapor, which trap heat in the Earth's atmosphere and warm the planet." - (https://www.epa.gov). These gases are essential to the harboring of life on earth. Without it, temperatures would be too cold for survival. Nevertheless, too much can consequent on a directly opposite effect- too warm of a world for survival. We were taught that the major cause of global warming is pollution generated by mankind. Which is correct, but what's the main source? Perhaps the burning of fossil fuels, such as cars and factories, is the leading cause of global warming? What about the tons of debris accumulated every year, does anyone believe that that's the major cause? But what if I told you that the major cause of climate change is not actually the car or bus you take to school or work everyday, or the insatiable amount of plastic bags collected from every trip to the grocery store which inevitably end up in our oceans, or not even the lights you leave on twenty four hours every day of the week, every week of the month and every month of the year. What if I told you that the major cause of climate change actually stares at you from your plates,
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