Code Of Ethics Case Study

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Scenario 2 begins as a New Graduate Nurse who is working their first day at an aged care facility. The Graduate Nurse witnessed an incident where another nurse (Nurse Kelly) disregarded the Codes of Conduct when treating a patient. The Graduate Nurse reported the incident, however, the Charge Nurse did not solve the problem due to her fear of Nurse Kelly. The Charge Nurse informed the Director who is a friend of the other nurse. However, the problem was not resolved due to the director catering for the nurse’s personal issues that he was aware of. The Codes of Professional Conduct; the code of ethics, and the Standards of Practice will be discussed related to Scenario 2. The Codes of Professional Conduct is a legal document that should be obeyed by nurses. It sets professional behaviour and expectations in all practice settings, therefore providing safe practice and guidance to the public including bullying,…show more content…
According to ("Code of Ethics for Nurses in Australia", 2015) Nurse Kelly did not follow the Code of Ethics, Principal 3 and 7. She did not value respect and kindness of others and promote safe quality care. She did not demonstrate any professional value such as compassion, respectfulness, and trustworthiness when she ordered the patient to speak English and grabbed her by the elbow very roughly. As shown, she did not display any cultural knowledge and awareness of her patient’s native language, therefore the nurse was not empathetic and did not respond effectively to the cultural and communication needs of the patient. Furthermore, Nurse Kelly breached Principal 3 where colleagues shouldn't disrespect and bully other colleagues, everyone should be approachable, supportive and have a mutual goal to provide safe and quality care ("Code of ethics for nurses in Australia",
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