Examples Of Cohesion In Media Discourse

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I- Scope of the study This research examines cohesion in written media discourse. O 'keeffe (2012) refers to media discourse as "interactions that takes place through a broadcast platform whether spoken or written" (p.441). Newspapers and magazines are examples of the written discourse. But, radio, television and news broadcasts are instances of the spoken discourse. Media is considered a primary source of information. So, media discourse is of a great interest to linguists who studied it through discourse analysis. Stubbs(1983) summarizes the main objective of discourse analysis as an attempt to analyse larger units than the clause or sentence, such as interactive exchanges and whole texts. (p.1) Cohesion is a basic trend of discourse analysis. Moreover, cohesion is "the way certain words or grammatical features of a sentence can connect that sentence to its predecessors and successors in a text."(Hoey, 1996, p.3). So, cohesive ties are important in organizing, structuring and understanding media discourse. Therefore, this study covers the theory of cohesion which founded by Halliday and Hasan in the written media discourse. Furthermore, there are two kinds of cohesive devices: lexical cohesive devices deal with aspects of vocabulary which link parts of the text together and grammatical cohesive devices focus on the role of grammar in holding texts together. To illustrate, these devices make the text more coherent and meaningful. Therefore, this research paper applies

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