Examples Of Colonialism In Darkness Of Darkness And Darkness

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2.0 Evidence 1 Marlow had defined Africa as a country which is very daunted, uncivilized and had nothing modern in it, just like a prehistoric place in the early age of humanization. This can be seen in the novel when Marlow said “Going back to that jungle was like traveling back to the earliest beginnings of the world”. 2.1 Sympathy vs Eurocentrism The way Marlow describes about Africa shows that he feel sympathy towards the Africa country. This is because they live in a place which was poor conditions, no development and modernization occurs. It portrays his sadness and sympathy towards the situation. This can be seen in the novel when Marlow stated that the Africa land was such as “a creeping mist” and “the jungle being so dark green it is almost black”. The sensitivity of Marlow when he illustrated the surroundings around him brings a perception to the readers about his sympathy attitudes towards the situation in Africa. As the time setting of the novel are situated around 1890, colonialism and imperialism was at peak. Europeans have been described as way more modern and civilized rather than the Africans. Thus, Europe uses this alibi to come to Africa and colonise the country. Here, it shows that Marlow brings the Eurocentrism perceptions about European country as the dominant power to colonise Africa due to their beliefs that European culture was the greatest culture among all. They act like a superhero who gives their hands in order to help to civilize, modernize
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