Colonialism Definition Essay

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1. Colonialism - is the act of occupying a foreign land to acquire partial or full political control in an attempt to gain economically through exploiting and extraction of its resources. • Example-An example of colonialism was how the British settled in North and South America to get the raw materials that they had a difficult time acquiring. • Sentence- Colonialism was widely practiced during the 15th and 16th centuries. • The historical significance of the term colonialism to the study of American history was how the British colonized in America in an attempt to acquire raw goods. 2. Mercantilism- is a system whereby a country exports more than imports to strengthen its economically at the expense of other nations. • Example-An example of mercantilism is the economic system…show more content…
Suffrage Movement- was a women’s rights movement that was was put in place to educate about the suffrage of women and their struggle, for their right to vote in elections and run for office. • Example- Suffrage Movement eventually gave women the right to vote and run for office. • Sentence-Thanks to the Suffrage Movement, women earned the right to vote on August 18th, 1920. • The historical significance of the term-the historical significance of the term Suffrage Movement to the study of American history was the fight for women to gain equal rights to men. 9. Consumerism -is an ideology or theory that suggests that by consuming more goods and services a person or country will be better off economically. • Example- an example of consumerism is credit cards which allows people to buy things without having cash for it. • Sentence- I’m reminded of consumerism every time I turn on my computer and see ads everywhere. • The historical significance of the term consumerism to the study of American history is how the economy and culture during the 1920s was driven by consumerism. 10. Urbanization -is a process where a countries population moves from rural areas into subdivisions or
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