Examples Of Coming Out Story In The Great Gatsby

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Novels are created to induce all sorts of feelings and make the reader ask questions. Novels often have deeper, hidden meaning. For example, did you think that The Great Gatsby might be the author’s coming out story? First, let’s get some basic information about The Great Gatsby. The Great Gatsby was a story written by F. Scott Fitzgerald and published in April 10, 1925. Several characters within the novel parallel people in Fitzgerald’s life. Through their portrayal in the book, I believe we can piece together bits of Fitzgerald’s life that he would never openly state. I believe that not only is The Great Gatsby Fitzgerald’s coming out story, but also a confession that he doesn’t love his wife and that she doesn’t love him. First, let’s discuss…show more content…
As mentioned in the introduction, Fitzgerald parallels many characters in The Great Gatsby and the people in his life. Fitzgerald has two main parallels in his story, those being Nick and Gatsby. Fitzgerald’s wife, Zelda, finds her parallel in Daisy. Fitzgerald has said that Nick is a parallel to him, and I find it odd that somebody who is seemingly happily married would connect himself with a character who is very likely homosexual. Gatsby and Fitzgerald have a bit more in common. Gatsby’s life is almost an exact mirror of Fitzgerald’s. Both men served in the first World War, fell in love with a beautiful lady, and, most importantly, tried to win over said lady’s heart by becoming wealthy and successful. Fitzgerald ended up marrying his lady while Gatsby kept Daisy for but a fleeting time, and his pursuit of her turned out to be his demise. Keep this in mind. Finally, Zelda’s parallel, Daisy, is portrayed in a very unflattering way. Daisy only loves money, which is why she ended up with an abusive cheater. Daisy only takes notice of Gatsby, the one who parallels her husband, after she discovers his wealth. Then, when he dies, she doesn’t even attend his funeral. Interesting that this seemingly unloving woman parallels Fitzgerald’s…show more content…
I believe that Fitzgerald’s parallel to Gatsby and Zelda’s parallel to Daisy says something important about their relationship. If we go off of what happened in the book, Fitzgerald was, at one time, enamoured with Zelda, and became wealthy to win her over. It worked, and the two of them got married. However, Fitzgerald soon realized that it was not him Zelda loved, but his wealth and success. This must have devastated Fitzgerald, as Gatsby’s life ended because of Daisy. I think that Fitzgerald further cements the idea that Zelda did not love him by not having Daisy attend Gatsby’s funeral. Gatsby is Fitzgerald, a man who is stuck with a woman who doesn’t love him and who “ended his life.” Nick, on the other hand, is the man Fitzgerald wanted to be. Nick is free to love who he wants, he isn’t stuck on somebody who won’t let him move forward in life. Nick has a fling with a man, something that Fitzgerald might have wanted for some time. And, while Nick does end up with a girl, it’s his description of her that is important. He associates masculinity with this girl, which is why I think he is attracted to her. Nick’s apparent infatuation with Gatsby is also a point to consider. Through everything, all the troubles and trials, Nick stays by Gatsby’s side and does anything he can to make him happy. Something else of interest, the book is dedicated to Zelda. Why would Fitzgerald dedicate a book to his
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