Examples Of Communication In When Harry Met Sally

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Introduction The movie When Harry Met Sally is a good example of communication in relationships. It follows the relationship of Harry and Sally as they get to know each other and eventually fall in love. The movie displays a wide range of communication principles including: Type of friendship and communication, cross sex friendships, romantic turning points, and repairing damaged relationships. These communication principles are used to show the progression of Harry and Sally’s relationship.

Type of friendship and communication it involves In the beginning of the movie the relationship between Harry and Sally is short term and task oriented. They have a low disclosure, and low obligation towards each other. When they first meet they have no intention of becoming friends. They are both going from college to New York, which is the task that their entire relationship is
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This is a form of relational transgression, which is “When one partner violates the terms of the relationship.” (Adler and Proctor 302) Harry violates the terms of the friendship when he betrays his girlfriend by hitting on Sally. This damages their relationship because Sally is loyal to her friend, and she rejects Harry. This damage is later repaired when Harry apologizes later in the movie. This also is a good example of how relationships are constantly changing. Looking Out Looking In states “Even the strongest relationships are rarely stable for long periods.” This holds true to Harry and Sally’s relationship because throughout the movie it changes drastically. In the beginning of the movie Sally is offended by Harry's remark that she is attractive, but their relationship changes just a while later when they get to know each other better, and sally would not likely be
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