Examples Of Comparative Literature

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I think what I love most about literature and films are the endless possibilities they bring. Even though these are areas that have existed for centuries,every single product is so unique. A singular subject can be dealt with in hundreds of ways in literature. Even the most classic of themes like love or passion have so many different ways to be presented in film. When we look at literature,not only on an English language based view but as the universal idea it is,these possibilities will even increase. And this array of differences and sea of possibilities excite me and inspire me to create. This is why I have chosen the field of Comparative Literature rather than the literature for only one language. I love stories; finding them, listening…show more content…
In French theatre, English novels, Turkish poetry; in short movies, TV series, Youtube videos or a walk in the park. And I enjoy looking for these more than anything. By studying Comparative Literature and Film I hope to find many stories in both the written work of different languages and also movies.
I don’t just enjoy finding new stories but I also dream to tell my own one day. When I think of the purpose of life or one goal I would like to achieve over my lifetime, what comes to my mind is other people. What I would like to achieve in the future is to ‘’touch’’ somebody else’s life, to make them a better and stronger person. The way I hope to achieve this is by my work. There are tens of people in different areas of art that inspire me to not only follow a road I am passionate about but also to be heard. From musicians to scriptwriters, directors, poets, journalists and designers many people have changed the way I look at things and I strive to have
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Once I finish reading a book I enjoy, I want to learn more about it. I enjoy literary analysis and talking about the details of a book. Finding small clues that actually mean a lot more or comparing the book with other works on the same subject is something I find to be fascinating. I like reading literary journals or searching for movie reviews online. When I see something I find inspiring I want to learn what other people think about it. I also love when a poem or a book or a movie is analysed and compared to other literary, artistic or philosophical works. These types of analyses are things I think I would enjoy reading and which I also wish to be able to do myself one
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