Examples Of Competition In American Society

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Paul Kalata Tinsley/ Gibbons English 11 (1) 17 February 2018 Competition in American Society What makes a sport fun? Some people will say that it is the competition of the sport. And no society encourages competition the United States of America. Many People feel that American society is too competitive. This can be anything from school sports to the stock market. Competition can be very motivating because of the rush of winning. It all depends on what there is too do in the competition. Fierce competition is a good idea because it leads to better products, more teamwork, and to self-improvement. However, there are some people who disagree with this point of view because they believe competition leads to a focus only on winning. Workplace competition is not always positive, it can create unhealthy rivalries that result in workers resenting one another, which is especially true if one person or team always wins the competitions. This can result in a gap between the "haves" and "have nots" that may prove to be unhealthy in internal work relations. Competition can also create undue stress that may actually prove to be counterproductive to some workers efforts. Some workers don 't perform well under pressure and are actually more productive when the work environment allows for a more easygoing approach to getting work done. Fierce competition may also result in a "win at all costs" attitude that may even bring out the worst in some workers. Nevertheless, fierce competition is

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