Examples Of Complex Characters In Romeo And Juliet

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Forbidden love, suicidal thoughts, and quite the impulsive reputation, you could say Romeo is one very complex and complicated character. A complex character is a character who develops throughout a story and affects it as a whole. Romeo definitely fits this description. The story of Romeo and Juliet is one where two teenagers fall in love. Seems like a regular lifetime movie, right? Except, Romeo and Juliet’s parents absolutely hate each other. The two lovebirds have to squirm their way through feuding families, forbidden laws, vengeful cousins, and their feelings for each other. The whole ordeal is quite complicated actually. Throughout the play Romeo develops, affects other main characters, and expresses a common theme within the story. This is what makes him a great example of a complex character in the story of Romeo and Juliet. Romeo is a complex character for many reasons, one …show more content…

Romeo is a complex character for many reasons, the last reason being that he helps to create and advance the theme of the story. The theme of the play, “Romeo and Juliet” is that love conquers all. Romeo helps prove the theme by doing whatever it takes to be with his one true love, Juliet. When Romeo learns about Juliet’s rival family, this doesn't stop him from seeking her out. He is led by his love for her and believes this will protect him from the wrath of their feuding families. Another example of Romeo advancing the theme is when he kills himself out of grief and desperation for Juliet. When Romeo sees that Juliet is dead, he realizes the only way to be with her would be if he died as well. With this logic, Romeo kills himself. Proving love conquers even death. Without Romeo, there wouldn't be a concrete theme in the play. Romeo is a complex character, because he advances and creates the theme. Romeo contributes many factors to being a complex character. Without Romeo there wouldn’t be a

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