Concept Mapping Advantages

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Computer-Based Concept Mapping Software’s can help to make teaching and learning more effective as it provides better presentation of the Concept Mapping and helps learners to organize information through visual aids while a concept map is a diagram showing the relationships among concepts. Concept Mapping can stimulate learner’s meta-cognitive awareness so that it assists the learner not only to establish an appropriate monitoring strategy but also to increase the use of retrieving and memorizing knowledge. Many kinds of Computer-assisted Concept Mapping software, such as Inspiration, EDGE Diagrammer, Sem Net, and IHMC CmapTool, have recently been made available. Learners can download them from the
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Usually educators use existing tools for teaching purposes. Some of the advantages of computer support for concept mapping include:
--Ease of adaptation and manipulation: Once you have a concept map on paper, try to fit in those forgotten concepts or the ideas you came up with overnight and you will know the advantages of computer assisted concept mapping. Anderson-Inman and Zeitz (1993) compare the use of the concept mapping program "Inspiration" (see below) with the paper-and-pencil approach and found that using this program "encourages revisions to the concept map because deletions, additions, and changes are accomplished quickly and easily."
--Dynamic Linking: Most computer assisted concept mapping tools allow the user to point and drag a concept or group of concepts to another place on the map and automatically update all the appropriate links.
--Conversion: Once a concept map is created using a computer, the program usually allows the user to convert the map to different electronic formats. These can be vector or bitmapped images, a text outline, or even a hypertext structure. These electronic formats can then be stored, sent, manipulated, used, printed, and deleted just like any computer

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