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A literary challenge for students: Concept Papers
A concept paper is one of the literary pieces that students have to create on the academe. It is for the reason that one of the major tasks of a student is to explain ideas. A student may write an essay of some sort to expound the concepts that he is required to. Whether knowingly or not, the student might be already be constructing a concept paper since it shares many features with a typical essay. Primarily, one of the major features of a concept paper is to expound an idea. Another example is to provide groundwork for more complex literary pieces such as research proposals and theoretical frameworks.
There are three types of concept papers. The first type has a primary function to define a concept. According to Guzman (2000), it can be called “extended definitions” because they also provide the etymology, and technical aspects like correct word usage of the concept being elaborated besides its lexical definition. Furthermore, it can broaden the scope of its definition to categorize terms with the same class as the one being
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From simple essays that expound a topic to complex research proposals and dissertations, we came across this literary piece on our student life. We may think that it is a burden for our student load but it actually improves different aspects of us. The second type of concept paper, for example, improves our critical and analytical thinking in analyzing the connection between concepts. Also, the first type of concept paper improves our creativity and vocabulary skills in providing extensive definitions of key terms. Finally, the third type or the conceptual framework that is used on research proposals, theses and the like encompasses all our literary skills and utilizes them in creating high-quality outputs. Ultimately, these improvements will constantly work together for us in reaching student
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