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As Dirk Geeraerts says in the introduction of Cognitive Linguistics, Basics Readings “we should not just describe concepts and categories by means of an abstract definition, but that we should also take into account the things that the definition is about, if we are to achieve an adequate level of knowledge.”. This statement summarizes well this year’s cognitive linguistics class as we have been able to discover and understand many concepts and theories I did not know existed. Out of all the chapters we have studied, I have chosen three topics that interested me the most but also that I have understood the most. In the first part I will talk about conceptual metaphor, then about a selected point in the usage-based linguistics concerning children’s…show more content…
Conceptual metaphors function at the level of thinking, without us thinking we are using them. They are integrated in our language, this is why whenever we use them in everyday life’s conversation, we do not ask ourselves whether we are using metaphor or not. It is natural and has become a part in the…show more content…
Thanks to them we are able to understand some concepts relating to the world that we would not be able to understand otherwise, especially when it comes to abstract concepts. Yet, metaphors used in everyday language are useful to understand the kind of metaphors present in poetry. ( Lakoff and Turner, page 186) Conceptual metaphor link two conceptual domains respectively called the source-domain ( also designated as “events” page 207) and the target-domain ( also called “space” page 207). The first one can be understood as the origin of the meaning while the target-domain is structured thanks to the source-domain through metaphorical link as Lakoff states that “metaphors are understood to be mapping”, in page 194 with the expression “each conventional metaphor, that is, each mapping” and are designated as “fixed pattern of ontological correspondence”. Stated this way, it can be hard to understand what it means but the following examples provide some clarity

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