The Dangers Of Concussions In Football

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Lanre Sadiq
Pamela Rollins
ENGL 1302
February 25, 2018.
Concussions in Football
Football among other sports is a game that requires perseverance, hard work, risks and maximum determination. Millions of people all over the world are aware of football, and a number of them have taken part in it. However, the sport had no limitations and filled with on contacts. For a player to be recognized, he or she must be in a position to give-up on safety limits and certain boundaries. However, these players get injuries hence affecting their mental wellness, long-term willingness as well as their personal life. Concussions are the leading injuries in football and have attracted the attention of the public who needs to know what can be done to help these
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However, these injuries tend to occur less in the field which implies they mainly occur later outside the field. The American Journal of sports of Medicine has in fact reported that in almost a thousand High School footballs, four of them have had brain injuries. The research done therefore indicates that in every 1,000 games around four players were injured. The public has come to learn that most of these injuries occur in High Schools hence it’s surprising and shocking. Young boys suffer from concussions while trying to lift their organizations. This study was carried out in 2005 and 2006 season which also noted that the rate of students who get injured when playing football in high school is high. This shows that the number of plays is high in high schools is high compared to other institutions. Some individuals might think that 1000 but for those who understand the concept of football, each game should have 140 plays approximately and several in practice each…show more content…
Parents signing in their children into the game should be educated on head injuries. They need to understand the remedies of concussions to avoid long term problems.In fact, some of these parents need some rules set to ensure their kids are in safe hands. John Conyers Jr is among the representatives, Chairman and a Michigan Democrat of the (HJC)House Judiciary Committee who is fighting to make sure their football laws and that they are obeyed. The year 2009 December, the law was established saying that any player having a sign of concussion should be taken out of the game until further notice. The goal is to ensure the players are safe from injuries and let them enjoy the
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