Examples Of Conflict Depicted In Cry's 'Cat'

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The internal conflict that the narrator experienced developed the story because if the narrator had not gone through anything then the story wouldn't have gone on. There was many internal conflicts in this story for example the narrator’s drinking problem, the first cat, and the second cat.One of thefirst examples is that he started to drink. The drinks made him mad and he started to hit his wife and the animals. Another example is that he got mad at the cat and cut out its eye the cat’s name was Pluto. After the cat was scared of him so he hung the cat on a tree. That night he had thought that that's why his house burnt down the same night. He couldn’t get rid of the bad feeling of killing Pluto for months. Another example is that later on he finds a cat that looks like his deceased cat pluto but with a white patch of fur when pluto didn't have any white on him,and he liked the cat and took it home. He started to dislike the new cat because it reminded him of his former deed of killing Pluto and the cat liked his wife more. When he couldn't take the torment anymore he tried killing the cat but instead accidentally killed his wife with an axe in the brain. He didn't feel pain that he killed his wife but only thinking that he had to hide the body. After four days of not feeling guilt about the killing his wife police came to check his house.
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