Examples Of Conflict In A Rose For Emily

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A Rose for Emily has two types of conflict. Person Vs. Self, Emily tends deal with a lot of problems by herself. Her father never let her date or marry anyone because he thought they weren’t good enough for her. After her father died she tried to keep the body, she didn’t really have anyone in her life except her father. When her father died she lost everyone that mattered to her. She eventually started dating people and getting back out into the world again. She had met Homer whom she had hoped to marry one day. The towns people were worried because he was a northerner and a Yankee therefore they tried to get her to stop seeing him, but they soon learned Homer was more interested in living the life of a single guy. When Emily learned of this she went to the drug store to buy arsenic, she wanted to ensure Homer did not leave her. She seemed to have a problem with people leaving her; she never was happy.…show more content…
Society, at the begin of the story she is given tax notices for Jefferson. She refuses to acknowledge them she refuses to do anything with them, so they are sent back to sender. They try to give Emily the benefit of the doubt because she has had a rough life, but she must pay her taxes. They keep sending her tax notices until they decide they must show up at her house to collect. When they send aldermen to collect her taxes they try to explain she must pay them that it is the law, but she is adamite that she doesn’t have taxes to pay and she kicks them out of her house. They soon go to the judge to do something about the matter. I think the major conflict is person vs. society because it is the start of the problem and person vs. self contributes to the problem. She tends to have problems with herself and creates her own
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