Examples Of Conflict In Othello

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The play Othello written by Shakespeare is based on one huge conflict. The setting of Othello takes place in Venice where Desdemona and Othello get married despite their age and race difference. The problem occurs when Iago is passed up for a big job promotion when Othello decides to appoint Cassio in the position. To get revenge on Othello, Iago creates a plan to ruin Othello and Desdemonna marriage by saying that Desdemona is unfaitful. The play consists of jealousy, heartbreak, tortued feelings, and death. Othello thought he deserved the promotion that Othello gave to Cassio. He felt like he had to get Othello back he said things like “ My career is cut short by some bookkeeper, even though the general saw my fighting skills first hand. He’s so upset that he schemes a plan that will tear Desdemona and Othello’s marriage apart and Cassio will lose his position as lieutenant. Iago’s plan starts off when he and Roderigo go to Desdemona’s father Brabantio house and tell him that she had been kidnapped by the moor and that they are now married. Brabantio thought that Othello tricked, drugged, or kidnapped her. Eventually she came out and told everybody she actually loved him and that she wasn’t being tricked or drugged or kidnapped.…show more content…
Brabantio accepts them being together and he also went along with there marriage. This got iago very upset so he had to come up with a different
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