Perspectives On Conflict Essay

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First of all, I’d like start off by paying my respects to all war veterans who have willingly and courageously fought and sacrificed. Today I will be discussing how different perspectives of conflict are conveyed in war poetry. Conflict is a vessel for growth and an inevitable aspect of an individual’s life that can have extensive ramifications on those involved and society. Every individual has a different perspective on conflict. Conflict refers to the opposing ideas and actions of different entities resulting in an antagonistic state. The word ‘perspective’ implies a viewpoint- a manner in which we perceive ourselves and the world around us which is established as result of our experiences, relationships, and how we identify ourselves. This allows different individuals to be able to identify justifications or misconducts in relation to conflict. “The Soldier” by Rupert Brooke which glorifies death…show more content…
The documentary showcases the social conflict that occurred as a result of the racial intolerance within the Cronulla community, made up of predominantly white middle class citizens, towards those of Middle Eastern appearance. One of the most prominent scenes in the documentary is when the camera is focused on a white Australian participant of the riots who had a slogan written on his chest stating “We grew here, you flew here. 2230”. This suggested that those of Middle Eastern appearance were not born here but rather migrated here from another country as opposed to the Cronulla community who were born in Australia. The Cronulla community believes as they are born in Australia, it made them superior to other races and so Cronulla and its beach was their birth right. The use of the slogan ensures that the responder’s attention is drawn to the slogan and in turn the racial intolerant message behind it. This documentary gave the responder insight on yet another perspective of
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