Examples Of Conflict In The Outsiders

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The outsiders is a book by ( S.E Hilton ) narrating the story of over the course of two weeks of a 14 year old boy . The novel revolves around economical class and depending on the clothes you wear , how much money you have or where you 're from you are either a Greaser or Soc . The story paints the picture of the gang Warfare between the east and west sides in the mid 1960s in a town . The conflict in the novel represents the division of the east at West sides. The following essay will discuss each of the 3 conflicts that were encountered between the Socs and Greaser . Ponyboy living on the east side witness injustice regularly . The story starts with pony walking home from the movies , he was a 
 approached by a gang of Socs which…show more content…
Jonny only killed to save Ponyboy . When Ponyboy and Jonny hand ran off to the park , they stumbled across Cherry 's and Marcia 's boyfriends. They were out numbered the Socs grabbed Ponyboy and began to drown him in the park 's water fountain , with nothing left to do Jonny pulled his switchblade out and took the Soc Bob 's life . " " I had too . They were drowning you , pony . They might have killed you ( Hilton 57) . This indicates that Jonny only killed Bob to save Ponyboy . Jonny wasn 't a cold blooded killer , his was just scared . " " Listen , I don 't mind dying now . It was worth it . It 's worth saving those kids . Their lives are worth more than mine , they have more to live for . " " ( Hilton 178 ) . He saved kids he didn 't even know , Jonny truly knows what to fight for . Gangs would often fight each other to see which gang was more superior . In the novel the gangs had a final showdown the "rumble " . Both gangs meet at the park, which was the decided Location . " we would Settle this Soc - Greaser thing once and for all " (Hilton 117) . The fight between the Greaser and Soc( east and west side ) was a battle between the social classes . Friends

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