Examples Of Conflict In The Wizard Of Oz

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In the movie, the Wizard of Oz, based on the book written by L. Frank Baum, the conflict can be associated with person versus self, or Dorothy versus Dorothy, where both the protagonist and antagonist are Dorothy herself, whose goal is to reach home. The initial incident in the plot is when the tornado struck down near Dorothy’s house and she got hit in the head from something that blew in from the window, for it is the first action that starts the rising action. Dorothy was on her way home from Professor Marvel, very guilty that she left her Auntie Em, leaving her ill and sick from missing her. This supports the conflict because as Dorothy barely got home, she wanted to see Auntie Em right away and forgive her, although she was unable to do…show more content…
Because Oz flew off without Dorothy in his hot air balloon, Dorothy became very upset and made her anxiety even worse, causing her conscious to be the antagonist. She is the protagonist, too, because she is the one undergoing the main change, which in this case is leaving without the hot air balloon and clicking her heels together. This is showing person versus self because Dorothy, the protagonist, is struggling with herself, making her feel worse about the situation. The denouement is when Dorothy wakes up in her bed with her family right by her side. After she tells them of her adventures, they believe it was just a dream and that she must’ve hit her head hard, but she believes that it literally happened, therefore this supports the person versus self conflict because Dorothy’s struggle with herself continues as she has to identify if the time really occurred. She is the antagonist in this scene because she’s disagreeing with everyone else, therefore causing her to think more deeply on the incident. The Wizard of Oz shows the conflict of person versus self, in which the protagonist and antagonist in the conflict are both Dorothy and her
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