Examples Of Conflict Management In Nursing

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PART ONE: Find two articles regarding conflict management in nursing from the SXU library CINAHL database but not already listed in discussions. The articles should be about conflict management in the workplace NOT about conflict with patients and families. Post the reference in APA 6th edition format in discussions and then include a 4-5 sentence summary of each article. Find new articles, Please do not post an article already used by a classmate. Although bullying and negativity in the workplace are not new topics, they still exist (Olmstead, 2013). Healthcare organizations all have policies regarding bullying, but the reason some healthcare providers continue to get away with such behavior is due to a lack of enforcement from
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A cross-sectional survey study was done on nurses in either a clinical setting or at a university setting. Nurses were either professors, nursing supervisors, registered nurses or nursing assistants. Utilizing the standardized Thomas-Kilman Conflict Mode Instrument, a questionnaire was created to identify which of the following five styles could be used to identify each nurse: accommodating, avoiding, collaborating, competing, and compromising (Iglesias & Vallejo, 2012). Participants were given questions that described their usual response in a conflict situation with either a coworker or manager. Based on the study, the most common workplace conflict style used by nurses was compromising followed by competing, avoiding, accommodating, and collaborating (Iglesias & Vallejo,…show more content…
The director could address the concerns of the unit. I would also talk to each of the CNAs, individually to learn about their specific concerns and why they are not performing their tasks. I would use a collaboration-style, so that both parties feel there is a win-win situation (Vivar, 2006). I would let the CNAs talk about their concerns, and then I would express concerns about the possibility of unsafe patient care being delivered as a result of not working together. I would try to address whatever concerns they had to make them feel that they we have arrived at a solution to the problem with their assistance. I would also speak to Michael about how the CNAs may now view their relationship as a power conflict, which is a conflict between different status levels (Vivar, 2006). I would talk to him to ensure that he remains respectful and polite when speaking to the NAs, but to definitely continue to delegate appropriate tasks to the CNAS. I would also discuss the CNAs relationship with Michael and the expectations with the CNAs. The nurse manager also needs to be talked to learn why she is avoiding handling problems on her unit as evidenced by staff leaving and several complaints. I would also have the manager present at the staff meeting I hold for her unit, so that
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