Examples Of Conflict Prevention

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Conflict prevention is a concept that supports a number of strategic policy actions that seek to prevent an outbreak, escalation or return to violent conflict. Preventive diplomacy and preventive military deployment are the two major areas of purposeful action and in each category there are variations. Preventive diplomacy can include the dispatch of high level envoys from a regional or international organization or state to a conflict zone in order to assist the conflict parties to change perceptions and take de-escalatory actions in the conflict they are engaged in. States and IOs are not the only actors; NGOs, religious organizations and eminent persons acting on their own but in coordination with others can have the same purpose. Regardless of the actor or level of engagement, the principal tool is negotiation or mediation. Preventive military deployments also have a range of possible configurations ranging from humanitarian protection, observation and monitoring of demilitarization, reporting on human rights violations, accompaniment in 4 the return of displaced populations, as well as robust deployments of combat troops for the purpose of deterring an armed conflict or enforcing the terms of a peace…show more content…
It focused primarily on relations between the government and the Albanian and Serbian minorities and employed three main preventive tools: field visits, personal shuttle diplomacy and trilateral forums. The trilateral forums, adopted for the Albanian and Serb cases, involved officials from the Macedonian government, representatives from the minority group and members of the Working Group. This three-pronged approach enabled the Working Group to build up trust with minority groups and the government, channel grievances into constructive political dialogue and uncover potential sources of conflict early

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