Comparative Analysis On Conflict Resolution

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Conflict Resolution Comparative Analysis In both conflicts the parent approaches the educator in an aggressive and accusatory manner. One major issue to include for scenario one is that the parent is meeting with the parent in what appears to be an unsanctioned conference, meaning there is no administrator moderating the meeting and ensuring that the conflict does not escalate. Scenario one involves the parent being upset at the teacher for an assignment that she believes is not appropriate for her child, while scenario two involves the parent being angry about a teacher calling his child names and disclosing medical information in front of class. As both scenarios have the parent approach educators in the same manner, a specific focus should be placed on the educator’s reactions as a means to gauge successful conflict resolution. In scenario one the teacher engages by matching the level of aggression of the parent, furthermore the teacher was condescending and purposefully using obtuse language to demean the parent’s intelligence. The teacher from scenario one also dismissed the parent’s concerns and deflected in attempts to not be wrong. In scenario two the administrator calmly accepted the concerns of the parent and made sure that the…show more content…
The goal is not necessarily to avoid conflict, but instead to minimize and make sure that any conflict that arises is mended. It is important that teachers develop conflict resolution and not just focus on conflict avoidance. It is also good to remember that the perceptions of a student between the parent and teacher may differ neither one of them is invalidated, but instead both can be correct. This allows parents and teachers to move away from conflicts based on who is right or wrong and instead focus on problem solving. The cost of not focusing on conflict resolution skills is that we do the students and parents of the educational community a disservice and are not offering the best possible

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