Examples Of Conflicts In Indonesia

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Indonesia is one of the countries with the most diversity inside. As one of the most ethnically diverse societies, Indonesia consists of 1,300 ethnic groups with at least 95 percent native to the archipelago (Yuniarni, 2016) and 71.8 percent of Indonesian villages have the composition of multi-ethnics resident (Kemendikbud, 2016), it is a big number of diverse and also big possibility for conflicts to occur.
After 72 years after Indonesia declare their independence, there are so many conflicts has been occurred( religion conflict, ethnic conflict, and class conflict). For example Poso conflict, Pidie conflict, Discrimination of Chinese Indonesian, and many more.
Here, I am trying to explain why the conflicts happened? What is the root cause? And how to resolve the problem.

Why did the conflicts happen?
Conflicts happened because there are differences, diverse, and misunderstanding between people in social groups. According to Taquiri, conflict is a legacy of social life that may occur under various circumstances due to continuous disputes, controversies, and disagreements between two or more parties on an ongoing basis (Newstrom, 2014).
Indonesia have so many difference and diverse among the people as I has described in the introduction above, this is the main reason for conflicts in Indonesia.

Case example and the root cause
Tolikara conflict is one of the examples of conflicts that happened in Indonesia. Tolikara is the name of a district in Papua, there
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