Examples Of Conflicts In The Giver

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Life can be hard. The world, can be cruel. Life is all about living through the everyday challenges that we have to go through. But, what if there was a way that all the conflict in the world, could be resolved?
In the novel The Giver written by Lois Lowry, the world is all about rules. Rules that distinguish differences and conflict in the world. The novel revolves around the main character, Jonas.
In the Novel it explains how the fighting and wars and discrimination was resolved. By taking away the memories of the past. The Elders believed that taking away the memories of the past would keep society out of harm. Not only did they manage to take away the heartache, sorrow, grief, and regret, they also took away the good things in life. Like true love and
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The Giver jumped right into the transmitting of memories. He started off with the memory of snow. On top of a hill there was soft snow and a sled. Jonas got on the sled and starting sliding down the steep hill. Jonas had never felt anything more exciting before. He loved the speed and the coldness of the air. Except there was still bad things in the world that The Giver had to give Jonas. The first memory of pain was a sunburn. At first it was like basking in the relaxing heat from the rays of the sun. But the longer Jonas lied there, his skin began to sting with every move he made. When Jonas was back into reality, he realized that with pleasure came pain. That was the pain that the Eldest was talking about (the woman that watches over the community) except after Jonas had experienced pain, he didn’t let that stop him from wanting to learn more about the past. He was glad that he could stop being paranoid over the fact that one day he would feel pain that he had never felt before. Now the pain had been exposed to him and the only thing he could do now was brace
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