Examples Of Conformity In Mean Girls

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Conformity is present in every group situation with adolescents. Adolescents are always looking to be a part of a group, usually conforming to the standards of the group. Adolescents often conform because they want to have the approval of the peers that are well liked or “popular”. A great example of adolescents and conformity is in the chick flick ‘Mean Girls’ through the different cliques in high school and how it affects the peers themselves. Caty, the main character, is faced with several difficult situations where she decides to conform with her high school peers getting her in trouble that becomes hard for her to escape. Caty begins the movie with a real genuine friendship with Janis and Damien, two individuals who struggled with popularity because they were considered the “outside” group. However, the popular girls, infamously called the “Plastics” try to recruit Caty into their popular group, but only because she is considered one of the prettier girls in the school. The ring leader, Regina George, of the Plastics is the most popular girl in school who is really hated by alot of peers because of her horrible attitude and how she…show more content…
Instead of dressing conservative and like a prude like she originally did, she begins to change the way she dress she begins to become more flashy and inappropriate. She starts new romantic interests in boys, specifically Aaron, who Caty did not know is Regina’s ex-boyfriend but still kind of boyfriend. One of the plastics, Gretchen, explains that Caty can not like or even entertain Aaron because he is Regina’s ex-boyfriend, and Caty disappointingly agrees. However, Caty begins changing more after the news, even more away from the plastics to secretly please and capture Aaron’s attention. She even goes against her character and true self to fail math just so she can seem more “cool” to Aaron, which he does not find as
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