Examples Of Conformity In The Crucible

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Conformity is is good or bad
Conformity is something that can lead to a bad society. Conformity is good but most of the time it its bad because people think that a group of people is always smarter than one person. Conformity does not mean that all people who are a group are right. Unfortunaly conformity is not always right just like in the book The Crucible. Like in the book The Crusible, it shows that the girls that were acting like they see witch craft and also they believed them because they are a group. They all found out later that they were lying the whole time. Conformity shows that that its not always the best choice for the truth. Conformity in some cases has been found to been found to be true. Their for just like in The Crucible
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Conformity is cruel because it makes people who are lairs look good and makes people who tell the truth look bad. Miller is writing about two very diffrent worlds those of 1951 and 1692. The world in 1692 was not as smart as the world today. In 1692 like in the book The Crucible the judges believed anything the girls thought and or said. The judge never questioned what the girls thought. Miller knew that Proctor was innocent. Then Proctor started getting accused because all of a sudden they started seeing things. Proctor got told by Miller to tell the truth so he did. This is an example of conformity shows how conformity can was not accurate at all. Now days conformity is still used in court. 12 people are chosen to work on a jurory. Today conformity is still not accurate when it is used in the judicial system. Their has been many cases that people have been wrongly accused of false charges. They go to jail but then after 20 years of serving their sentence they get let out just becasue a group of supposably smart people believed the person who was lying. In the book The Crucible, conformity was bad and proven wrong and that was based in the time period of the 1600's. Even today in 2015 people still are found wrongly accused of false charges. People are also found guilty of charges true, but what about the jurors who dislike doing jurory duty and also just want to find some one gultiy falsely because they want to go home or they don't like what race the defendant is. Conformity has been proven wrong and

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