Examples Of Conformity In The Giver By Lois Lowry

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In The Giver, Lois Lowry shows her readers what it is like to live in a society with no diversity, no color, and no freedom. In this society, there is a twelve-year old boy, named Jonas, who finds the truth about life outside of his community. He does not have the option of choice, and he is stuck in a futuristic world of “sameness”. Jonas’ world is dull, and he wants to change it because it does not have the amazing features and opportunities that he learns about. In this story, Lois Lowry is warning her readers that too much conformity can lead to no freedom and no true happiness. An example of conformity found in the book is how Jonas and all others had to take pills for the “stirrings.” In The Giver, stirrings are strong feelings of love for others, and these emotions were not allowed because that would ruin the sameness of the society. Emotions are healthy and not allowing people to feel emotions…show more content…
A person would be released if he/she was the smaller of twins, if a person was reaching the end of their life, or if one asked to. Someone could also be released if they made three big mistakes and interrupted the uniform society. This has a negative effect because there is not much room to make mistakes and learn from them. If someone did not fit in, they were released. This connects to Lowry’s warning because in Jonas’ society there is no chance to learn through the big mistakes that are made. In the society in The Giver, emotions were not felt, clothing was not one’s own choice, and forcing people out of the society was acceptable. All people should learn that giving up pain and difficult decisions could mean giving up freedom. Diversity in a community is a good thing and should be celebrated. Lois Lowry was trying to send the message to her readers that being their unique selves leads to true
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