Examples Of Conformity In The Giver

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Debate-written Assignment, Conformity The idea of conformity is to eliminate individualism and to unite the society together, making it a safer place for the citizens to live, and develop in. A place that has no war, no hunger and no pain, where citizens create strong bonds between each other. The Giver written by Lois Lowry represents the idea of conformity in the society where they try to keep everyone the same as each other by following the same rules and trying to avoid having people stand out by receiving daily pills to lose the feeling of inclination between each other. Firstly, conformity creates a safe atmosphere and a safer environment for the citizens to live in. Conformity eliminates all the negative and positive differences in each other. Yes, individualism does urge people to pursue personal achievements, which creates competition between individualism with a desire to besiege each other that can unfold a war within the civilisation, an onset of development of dangerous, harming and deadly weapons that lead to illness, mental and physical disorders in addition to deep dejection in the society. To prevent this from originating, we can abolish all the distinctions between each other and as Jonas said “we can gain control of many things.” which can be achieved together as a community. For example, the government created a way of creating rules where each citizen has a chance to express themselves and create the rules that suit the community. Wouldn’t you want to
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