Examples Of Conformity In The Novel 'Stargirl'

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Conformity is all around us. There are good things to conform to like laws & bad things like racism & hate. The novel Stargirl has a heavy focus on conformity & social norms so to balance this they brought in a nonconformist to cause a ruckus. In the novel, Stargirl, author Jerry Spinelli suggests that though many people do conform to social norms, some special few are still their true selves. Throughout the novel, ‘Stargirl’ Susan Caraway has been doing weird & goofy things that disrupt the students in some way, this is the first time she is introduced. It was the first day of school. The narrator, Leo was talking to his friends, meeting his new teachers when Kevin asked him “Did you see her.”At first, he doesn 't understand but soon after understood very clearly.…show more content…
For months after this, Stargirl was still behaving like her kookie self with everyone thinking of her as weird. Until she was cheerleading at the game where the Electrons scored their first touchdown. Due to this, the cheerleaders invited her to be an actual cheerleader, and when she accepted, her popularity skyrocketed. Because of that, people started conforming to her,“We honored her by imitation.A chorus of ukuleles strummed the lunchroom...The pet shop at the Mica Mall ran out of rats.” Because Stargirl did not conform to the students they conformed to be more like
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