Essay On Conforming

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Conforming; “compliance with rules, standards, or laws.” As well as to change the way you act or think in order to fit in with those around you. Do you conform? The truth is we all conform on a daily basis. But, most individuals do not realize when they are conforming and some do it out of habit. Conforming is done in many ways. Some common examples of conforming are: when we operate a vehicle, by driving on the correct side of the road, we also conform when walking, by using crosswalks to safely cross the street and when we go to a restaurant or a store, we conform by standing in line to order as well as to pay. In certain situations, such as driving, using crosswalks and standing in line conforming is needed to stay safe, organized and out of trouble. When an individual gives in to social pressure, that is also a form of conformity because they are acting or going along with what others are saying or doing. Conformity can be both good or bad. It all depends on what you are conforming to. Conformity is needed to improve oneself. But if we conform too much, it can also damage our self-confidence, self-trust and…show more content…
Asch performs two experiments regarding conformity using seven to nine male college students. In his first experiment, Asch shows the students a card with one vertical black line, and another card with three vertical lines of various lengths. The students are to choose one of three lines on the second card that they think is the same length as the single line on the first card. Asch has instructed all of the students, except one, who is oblivious to the experiment to give incorrect answers. Asch performed this same experiment on 123 subjects, out of the 123 subjects put to the test, a considerable amount yielded to the majority. Therefore, Asch states that “The minority subjects swung to acceptance of the misleading majority’s wrong judgments in 36.8 percent of the
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