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Congressional Gridlock Congressional Gridlock is a recurring issue in America’s political system, and it is crippling the efficacy of the governments ability to lead the country to overall prosperity. Gridlock, in terms of politics, refers to the inability for the political system to adequately satisfy the needs of the citizens in that country. In reference to Congress, a gridlock is when the people cannot be satisfied due to disagreements in legislation that hinder the process of making laws. One recent consequence of congressional gridlock is the congressional stand still concerning gun violence in our nation and the oppositions on what affect, if any, it has on gun laws. Another example of a congressional gridlock is the lengthy wait for…show more content…
It suggests that the government, but more specifically Congress, puts gun violence above the means of fighting against it. Even more so, it shows that gun violence reins over attempts to hinder it in any way and how Congress is weak because it consistently fails to effectively do anything about gun violence in America. However, congressional gridlock can be more than Congress’ refusal to pass laws that are important The United States’ wellbeing. It can be the slow-moving process of passing a law or bill to benefit Americans. For example, immigration reform has been being considered since past President Barack Obama was reelected in 2012, as stated by The Washington Post (Nakamura, O’Keefe 4). In the past six years the progress in advancing immigration reform has been miniscule because the drastically different opinions on how severe the reform should be. Some people, mainly liberals, disagree wholly with immigration reform because it contradicts the American ideal of all people, no matter their race, religion or gender, being welcome in the country, as well as, the distinction between refugees and immigrants. Others believe that, to continue to prosper, America can only solve American problems and to take on the responsibility of more people is detrimental to America’s wellbeing. And despite immigration being considered a “national crisis”, the Senate still, through a vote, prevented the progress of a bill that…show more content…
There are far too many occurrences in which Congress was unable to reach a happy medium to appease both side in the division of the House. For example, gun violence has been relatedly discussed in congress, yet no solution has been reached while the number of victims continues to rise. Immigration reform has been reviewed many times in Congress as well and there still is no true answer to the problem or agreeance upon what the problem truly is. Those are but a few examples of the reason why citizens have little faith in the American Congress system; it consistently fails to make any notable strides or achievements in bettering the country. Works Cited David Nakamura, Ed O 'Keefe. "Timeline: The rise and fall of immigration reform." Post Politics. The Washington Post, 26 June 2014. Jenkins, Nash. "As Time Runs Out, Congress Is Gridlocked on Immigration Reform." Time Magazine, 1 August 2014. Lesley, Bruce. "Gun Safety, Gridlock, and the Demise of Congress." The Blog. The Huffingtonpost, 22 June 2013.

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