Examples Of Connotation In The Road

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Everyone has at least one person in their life who they trust. Whether it be a lot, or just a little bit of trust. The author of the novel, The Road, portrays this very well. The author uses literary devices, such as imagery and connotation to help the reader get a sense of the strong, but doomed bond that is shared between the two main characters in this book. A good example of the author using imagery to show the reader what kind of bond the father and son in the novel have would be when the speaker states that the father had “kicked holes in the sand for the boy’s hips and shoulders where he would sleep”, and when the speaker describes a scene where the man is comforting his son, the man “sat holding him while he tousled his hair before…show more content…
Connotation is a feeling that a word invokes in addition to its literal meaning. An example of the way the author uses this literary device would be when the speaker talks about the father drying the boy with a blanket and “kneeling there in the glow of the light with the shadow of the bridge’s understructure broken across the palisade of treetrunks beyond the creek.” The author uses larger, more serious words, such as ‘understructure’, ‘palisade’, and ‘treetrunks’, to show the reader how serious and important this is. The word ‘understructure’, gives the reader a gloomy feeling, and you can almost see the grey dullness of the entire setting. This is because the understructure usually isn’t the main focus of the structure, it’s the part that you don’t generally want to look at. This also symbolizes the inevitability of the world that they’re living in. The boy and man have both been through so much together, and they each care for the other so much. This moment shows this very well. It also shows how much they trust each other and how comfortable they are with each other, even though they’re in a situation where they don’t have a choice in whether or not to trust the other. The author uses words of a serious connotation to help the reader feel and understand this better. In conclusion, the author of the novel, The Road, does a super good job showing the complex relationship that is between the father and son of the story. Using literary devices to show the importance of certain moments help the reader understand this relationship, and understand the trust shared between the
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