Examples Of Conscientiousness

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Conscientiousness Barrick and Mount (1991) mentioned that conscientious individuals have been characterized as dependable, responsible, hard-working, self-disciplined, persistent, planful and organized. Similarly with Costa and McCrae (1992) which mentioned that conscientious people value duty, competence, self-discipline and achievement. Besides, Costa and McCrae (1992) also mentioned that conscientiousness consist of the specifics traits of competence, order, dutifulness, achievement striving, self-discipline and deliberation. Based on Mount and Barrick (1995), individuals high in conscientiousness are characterized as being responsible, careful, preserving, orderly, cautious, planful, hardworking and achievement-oriented. As stated by Wright (2003), people high in conscientiousness have a sense of duty and obligation to their work and have high job performance, career success, motivation and job satisfaction. However, Harris and Fleming (2005) stated that conscientiousness refers to characteristics such as being organized, orderly, precise and efficient. Manning et. al (2006) stated that conscientious is about the number of goals that an individual pursues and the extend which they pursue them in a focused way. The two extremes are spontaneous individual, who pursues many goals but in an unfocused way and the Conscientiousness individual, who pursues fewer goals but does so in a more focused, controlled and structured way. Neuroticism Neuroticism is always

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