Examples Of Conservatism

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In other words, freedom from government control is what a liberal dwells on besides social equality and social justice. Liberalist believe in pursuing policies because they’re nice and make them feel good. While in contrast, conservatives believe in perusing policies because they work. What is conservatism? The political ideology of conservatism revolves around the core political ideology of liberty. The term of conservatism emerged in 1818 during the period of Bourbon Restoration that sought to inhibit policies of the French revolution. Key factors, are to advocate for the preservation of personal wealth and private ownership (capitalism) as well as emphasizing self-reliance and individualism. Conservations aim to preserve institutions, including social hierarchy, parliamentary monarchy, property rights and religion and support Judeo –Christian values, economic liberalism, and anti-communism. Therefore a major difference of conservatisms is they believe in God and think the Constitution has been twisted by liberal judges and liberals tend to be hostile to Christianity. Liberalism in the civil rights movement The political ideology of liberalism made a major impact during the civil rights movement of the 1960’s: The absence of robust liberalism from contemporary politics...Veterans…show more content…
The book, Judicial Review and American conservatism: Christianity, Public Education discusses the Jaffree v. Board case best known as the mobile conflict which was a bout an agnostic, African americam ,and a parent of three students in mobile public school. Jeffree issued what he thought would be an easy irrefutable demand to for school teachers to cease to lead their classes in daily recitations of prayer and that a state law allowing classroom prayer should be struck down. According to the book,”Jeffrees conservatism opponents were informed by a worldview that cherished self-discipkine,personal
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