Examples Of Constructivist Assessment Approaches

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The constructivist assessment approaches are based on the basic tenets of constructivist paradigm. Constructivism is unique because it focuses on developing the learners’ knowledge by constructing the world around them through experience, observation, documentation, analysis and reflection. According to constructivist perspective, the teaching or rather more precisely learning of science is not the search for the ultimate truth. It is the process which is of utmost importance in science than the content. Assessment from a constructivist perspective too focuses on assessment of the whole process. Constructivist assessment is based on the collaborative activities of the teacher as well as learners. Constructivist assessment is subjective because it makes use of different qualitative strategies rather than quantitative ones. This is possible only if a teacher knows her students very well. This paper exemplifies how different constructivist assessment approaches can be used in science pre service teacher education programme. Use of various constructivist assessment approaches like role-play, story writing, concept maps, student presentations and poster projects in secondary school science teaching-learning process by science pre service teachers of Army Institute of Education, Delhi Cantt. (a B.Ed. college affiliated to I. P. University), finds a detailed mention in this paper. The science pre service teachers designed constructivist assessment tasks in collaboration with the

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