Constructivist Epistemology

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Researcher position: Epistemology:
Constructivist epistemology will underpin this study, Crotty (1998) states that meaning is constructed out of various phenomena resulting from interaction with life experiences. Since meaning has to be constructed, the proposed study will be premised on an interpretivist approach grounded by the symbolic interactionism perspective. Symbolic interactionism gives emphasis to the social interaction process as a means by which meaning and interpretation is made, For us to understand the behavior of people, symbolic interactionism becomes vital especially that it lays emphasis on the people interpret word and give meaning to symbols ( Denzin,1998;Patton,2002).Since human beings react towards things based on the
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Narratives are renowned for their effectiveness in in qualitative data from first person experience accounts and are beneficial in inquiry sets out to derive school setting experiences of humans (Cresswell,2005)The researchers’ intention will be to obtain in-depth comprehension of novice teachers’ experiences in the area of classroom management. Rich narratives that are often associated with qualitative inquiry in the constructivist paradigm would give in-depth findings and rich insights into the responses of participants (Hatch, 2002).
Research plan
Theoretical framework
According to Martin and Sass (2010) classroom management theories are categorized under non-interventionist, interventionists and interactionists. The study proposed will be aligned to the interactionists’ framework giving focus to the individual learners and the manner in which the environment around them affects them. The theory also focuses on what the individuals do to change the outer milieu in addition to what the environment also does on the individual.
Research questions
The proposed study’s research questions are embodied in symbolic interactionist perspective. These
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These methods are commonly used in for data collection in narrative inquiries. According to Creswell (2005), narrative inquiry involves problem identification, purposeful selection of the research sample, collection of stories from the participants, collaboration between the researcher and the individual telling the story, retelling the narratives given by participants and finally the researcher writing the experiences of the participants, these are the procedures that the researcher proposes to follow in the proposed
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