Examples Of Consumerism In Brave New World

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In modern Western civilization, based on Aldous Huxley’s personal views, he implied warnings about the future of modern society throughout Brave New World. Huxley implied the dangers of technology, a big government, degrading humanity and its implication; therefore, modern citizens should be consequently thinking those dangers and how it still applies to modern civilization. If Huxley observed the daily life of modern students in western civilization, he would point out how life in Brave New World is similar to life today through technology, consumption, and how we see each other. Consumerism makes the community and economy stable, which is the goal of the society in Brave New World. In the novel, the buying and selling of goods and services are important to them in their consumer economy. In modern Western civilization, Huxley would realize that consumers still make up most of the economy. Consumers can be from any social or economic class, although in the book, the lower caste is conditioned to be larger consumers. “The idea was to make them want to be going out into the country and every available opportunity, and so compel them to consume transport” (22). Huxley uses parallels; the government wants people to go out to the country, contradicting how they want to “abolish the love of nature” (6). This reinforces their ideal of consumerism making the economy stronger. They got rid or forbid anything that is old and unattractive, they desire “beauty’s attractiveness, we
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