Examples Of Control In The Book 1984 By George Orwell

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The ability to control, manipulate and scare the citizens, was an important tactic in the book 1984. Big Brother and the Party, the rulers of Oceania, went to many extreme circumstances to keep control and order over the citizens of Oceania. There are many instances in real life where the technology compares to the book 1984. The book 1984 focuses on Big Brother and his control over the citizens of Oceania. Big Brother’s main focus is to maintain power of the citizens. Big Brother is so power hungry that he uses the Thought Police, citizens who can “read their minds” and know if other citizens are thinking of rebelling, to control the citizens. Telescreens, a television with a camera in it, are set up throughout the town and in the homes of the citizens. This way, Big Brother has total control over their lives. Sometimes, Big Brother hides telescreens in the house to spy on people more. On page 242, the book states,”The picture had fallen to the floor, uncovering the telescreen behind it(Orwell).” This shows that Big Brother wanted to ensure that no one was thinking of rebelling or committing crimes. He can see what they are doing at all times even if the citizens did not think so. Therefore, there is no opportunity to rebel or break laws. He continuously goes to extreme extents to fulfill …show more content…

Drones look like little remote control helicopters but with cameras in them. Some people fly these just for fun, but sometimes they can be used in the military. However, they have been seen to be becoming an invasion of privacy. Recently, there was a Kentucky man who shot down a drone that was hovering over the houses in his neighborhoods. In an article, he was asked and interviewed about the situation and said, “...To me, it was the same as trespassing”(Hawkins). Drones are now capable of spying on people and watching them, just as what happened in Kentucky. How do we know that the government will not use them to keep an eye on

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