Examples Of Conversation In Hamlet

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Interviewer: I am here with Hamlet 's rumored love, Ophelia, to ask her how she feels about the love of her life and his father 's death. Ophelia, how are you holding up after you found out about the king 's death?

Ophelia: The king 's death was news to everyone. It is very sad to see Hamlet without his father and his mother, marrying the guy that took the king 's life, shame on her. True love never dies.

Interviewer: Speaking of true love, Hamlet… Is he your true love? What is going on with that situation?

Ophelia: Hamlet. Oh Hamlet. How I love him and I thought he loved me. But I guess some things will never work out.

Interviewer: What do you mean “I thought he loved me” Does he not really love you? How does your father feel about
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