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Introduction Coping with cancer in everyday life is one of the toughest things to do. It can affect both the family and the patient’s way of living. People with cancer may thinking of how long does he or she will live. There are a lot of stages which the family and cancer patient should face in order to survive with cancer. First is to do exercise together, in this way it will help the cancer patient to (…………..

The researcher started the research by knowing first what the purpose of the study is. Cancer is one of the deadliest disease or illness nowadays. It is one of the main cause of death nowadays because people are so unconcerned about
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Coping with cancer is one of the hardest things to do. It can affect a lot of things in people’s life. It can change a person’s lifestyle. It can affect the relationship of the person having a cancer to his or her family.
Cancer is a very serious disease because it is very risky. A small number of people diagnosed with cancer have little chance of survival. There are a lot of stages which cancer patients should face with and even the family members are affected of the cancer get worse. Regardless of the severity of the disease both the patient, the family members are
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First, many people died because of cancer. It’s very hard to accept that himself or herself or one member of the family have cancer because it is almost close from death and researchers think that person has a relative with cancer are afraid of losing their loved one that is almost dying on their disease or somehow they are already in critical. In some cases, coping with cancer is not easy to family because family is very close to each other and if they know that one of them have a cancer, everyone feels depressed or stressed specially if the victim unexpected that he/she will have a cancer and he/she soon become dead. And the researchers found out that families coping with cancer should not lose their hope because there are different ways to prevent or overcome cancer. Consulting doctors in therapy because easy way to prevent cancer but it is very expensive; Everyday exercise, this is very important because victims will become healthy and to stay fit and the family would support the victims because the victims will feel inspired if their loved ones supports them and because the family want the victim fight for his/her own life for a reason to live normal again; and The victims should eat healthy foods so their disease would not worsen and the treatment will lessen the intensity. And family should sometimes go everywhere that the victim will enjoy for lessen the depression that the victims

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