Examples Of Correlative Conjunction

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Day 77 I. Revision What is correlative conjunction? Give seven correlative conjunctions. II. Importance of planning Planning in simple words will be defined as where we stand today and where we want to be in coming days or years. It is a process of thinking, setting goals and executing it to achieve right outcome. Progress: When we plan, we do it for our benefits. No doubt, that planning will take you to have better success in life. Your dream can come true, if proper planning is there. Quick decision making: You don’t need to waste your time, in thinking for decision making, if you have planning. E.g. you planning to score good marks in exam, but friends are calling you to play. You will be more determined to say no to them and get back to study. Evaluation: You will control the situation and evaluate your status over period of time with the planning. You know where you are going, but does that matches the situation what you are looking for. If the answer is no, then you must have not made the plan or planning is not right. III. Use of conjunctions We use conjunction to connect two or more words and clauses. Coordinate conjunction: It makes things together by adjoining words. To remember these conjunction, short form is used – FANBOYS i.e. F – For – gives you purpose/ reasoning A – And – add two things together N – Nor – gives negative idea B – But – Contrast O – Or - Alternative option Y - Yet – give another logical idea S - So – indicates result Example: 1. Riya and

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