Examples Of Corruption And The Harlequin's Role In Exciting Rebellion

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In addition to the use of symbolism, Ellison utilizes visual imagery to illustrate examples of corruption and the Harlequin’s role in inciting rebellion. One example, of visual imagery is when the Harlequin is described as having “an elfish grin spread across his tanned features, and his dimples appeared for a moment. Scratching at his thatch of auburn hair, he shrugged within his motley,” (Ellison 3). In this example, Ellison demonstrates the awkward nature of the Harlequin, which contributes to his inability to conform to the rest of society. This predisposition to looking different than normal, contributes to the Harlequin’s thoughts of rebellion to the norms of the Tick Tock Man’s timely society. Additionally, along physical features, the
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