Examples Of Corruption In 1984

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The Wrong Doings and its Effects upon the Government The Government is not at all how it is thought out to be. The federal government or also known as “The Brotherhood” was established to protect those who are their citizen, but truly what are their morals of protection. How can one be an authoritative figure when their authority is overbearingly cruel and unusual punishment. Having a council is about treating others as equals and doing what's right for the greater good of the people, nor for the idea of one individual or of those whom are simple minded and have no future in expanding the horizons on life.
All of the issues of authoritative positions always starts with its main system. The problems of the system almost always connects to
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There are many types of corruption within the government; in which they all at one point of another single handedly are connected to intimidation, survalice, and brutality toward the community. Corruption of the government consist of prison corruption, election crimes, and bribe and Exchange. Corruption also lies in the form of surveillance; this is every evident in the novel 1984. The government is referred to as “eyes and ears.” With the text there are many instances where characters have to be very strict and precise with their actions so they would not be interpreted as
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