Examples Of Corruption In Little Tombstone

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The short video Little Tombstone by Frederick Azais and co. portrays the two main characters The Good and The Bad, having a showdown when a priest (later known as the vulture) stops by and serves as a witness to the dispute. There are many aspects in the text that could be analysed, however I will analyse how the four aspects, camera shots, sound, costume and props are used in the film to create a realization between these two characters. In Little Tombstone the directors have used a wide shot of a torn down cross in town seemingly positioned between The Good and The Bad. The directors want to use this to show the process of corruption that is happening between the two characters. Mouldy and torn, are the stereotypical signs of corruption of an object in society. The mouldy cross is used by the directors as a physical representation of corruption that is occurring within the minds of these two characters. Showing us the audience, how severe the corruption of The Good and The Bad has developed. The progression of the mould and mildew on the cross is also the progression of corruption in the minds of these two characters. The reason as to why the directors are using a cross to symbolise corruption, is because in most religions like Christian, Catholic and Muslim for example ,a cross is often referred to as a symbol of hope, faith, purity and charity. The fact that the cross is used in this scene to symbolise corruption motivates the audience to believe that the two
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